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Goddess of the night

Works best after 10:30 pm until the sun comes up.

That girl is Nyx tonight
by Nyx July 09, 2004
iisha is a kind, smart beautiful girl. she is an awsome friend and is like an angel.
heyy iisha, your awsome!
#awsomeness #smart #intelligent #beautiful #friend
by NyX April 19, 2012
When somebody sticks their fist inside a vagina and pulls it out to look around, thus being "daring"
Last night, I was trying to give the daring mouse, but my fist wouldn't fit.
#daring #mouse #fisting #vagina #hole
by nyx August 24, 2012
Queen of the darkness

Otherwise known as ...

Empress of shadows
Temptress of the void
Monarch of the Maelstrom
A woman who has evil tendencies who is
named => Ah, Satan
by Nyx July 09, 2004
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