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17 definitions by Nutmegger

State in Western US known for potatoes and neo-Nazis. State university is in Moscow, mascot is Vandals (how appropriate). Short border with Canada in appropriately named Boundary County.
Idaho is shaped like a gun.
by Nutmegger September 25, 2003
Indiana University merged with Sugar Daddy candy company.
Hoosier daddy
by Nutmegger September 26, 2003
Capital of Moscow, Europe's largest city. Moscow is the richest city in Russia, but it's still somewhat poor. Moscow sprawls over 1000 square kilometers. Moscow is prone to disaster, such as with the recent subway bombing, university dorm fire, and water park roof collapse. Muscovites live in drab ugly prefabricated apartment complexes.
Moscow is the Third Rome and there will never be a fourth one.
by Nutmegger February 15, 2004