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A well touted college in the south. Most think its private but its actually public. Oldest municipal college in America. Campus is frequently being used to film Hollywood movies and television shows (like the Notebook, for example). Right in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. For women, beauty is an admission requirement. It has to be the friendliest campus in the US. The northerners laugh at the southern kids for wearing uggz and patagonias when its 60 degrees out. The campus is so old we have a term for tripping on the old cobblestones, enjoy the Charleston Shuffle.
SC kid: "Why'd you go to College of Charleston if South Carolina offered you a full ride?"

CofC kid: "Had a 3.8 gpa and a 1350 SAT, I went to CofC because the 5:1 female to male ratio was worth the extra money. Chucktown is the shit!"
by Nuthin but the best December 04, 2011
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