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Short for situational comedy.
Some good sitcoms are Seinfeld,Married withchildren,cheers, and happy days.
Ted:Happy days is the best sitcom.
by Nunya Buisness August 19, 2006
That funny ass gunnery seargent from the movie "full metal jacket"

He was an actual gunnery seargent who served in Vietman.
Hartman:How tall are you private?
Prvt Cowboy:sir 5 foot 3 sir.
Hartman:Jesus!I dind't know they stacked shit that high!

Hartman:HOLY DOG SHIT! What the fuck is that!
Prvt Pyle:sir a jelly donut sir.
by Nunya Buisness August 22, 2006
Whenever you have a really long crap that takes half an hour,then you get up and your ass cheeks are strechrd out and theres a big red ring around your ass.
after dinner i went for a crap and got toilet ass.
by Nunya Buisness October 12, 2006
An insult retards, or six year olds use.
They have no returning insult so they resort to Mr.poopy.
Joey:Hey smelly!
Amanda:Stop it Mr.poopy!
by Nunya Buisness August 14, 2006
A wad of snot propelled out of your nose and on to your shirt.
Usually at parties when talking to someone important.
Joe:Hey Ted you got a shnirt!
by Nunya Buisness August 16, 2006
Usually on or boxers, cauliflour ear is when you get hit in the ear really hard alot and it looks like a swollen piece of cauliflour.
Ted:He looks like a veggie head.
Joe:you idiot, it's cauliflour ear.
by Nunya Buisness August 19, 2006
The name of that hot chick on "you bet your ass" a game show on comedy network.
sitara is the only reason most people watch the show.
She always wears those stupid shirts you buy off the internet.
Ted:why are you watching this stupid show?
Ben:because of that chick sitara.
by Nunya Buisness August 18, 2006

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