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n. An inauthentic attempt to appear urban. Also known as "faking the funk."
Vanilla Ice's faux shizzle made MC Hammer look like an o.g.
by Number 6 January 20, 2005
n. A combination of a comb-over and a mullet. This style is most frequently seen through the T-tops of a Z28 Camaro, hence the name.

Informally, it's a comb-over spotted in any sports car and indicates and ill-fated, dual-pronged attempt to appear younger than one truly is. This usage is frowned upon by scholars and should not be used in formal communication.
Earl's sweet combaro, with whisps of black hair across his skull and long, curly locks down his back, caused a stir with the ladies at the Circle K.
by Number 6 April 21, 2010

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