1 definition by Nuke Fandango

1. Any person who is not a white Protestant male.
2. A particularly promiscuous woman
3. The skin between the anus and the scrotum (see also gooch and taint)
4. Any person who is not an African Muslim.
5. Someone with an extreme longing for wedding cake.
6. A powerful spell that, when cast, causes the recipient to lose violent control of their bowels.
I went to Detroit, and saw a bunch of stinking dirt badgers selling coke on the corner.

Dude, we ran a train on your mom last night! Told you she was a dirt badger!

I haven't had a bath in a month. My dirt badger smells like death.

Death to all infidels, and American dirt badgers!

Ever since I saw that show "Cake Boss," I've been a complete dirt badger.

So I cast dirt badger with my Level 31 mage and totally made the enemy Orcs shit all over themselves.
by Nuke Fandango May 19, 2011

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