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Inspired by the memorable catch-phrase of the presenter of UK children's TV program "Art Attack", Neil Buchanan. Upon demonstrating to the viewer a simple but satisfying art technique, he would enthusiastically advocate that the viewer "Try it yourself!"

This becomes the basis for the female response to being superman that hoe'd, robocop'd, or spiderman'd. If a man ejaculates onto the woman's body in a way she finds unacceptable, for example, in her hair or nose, she scrapes the ejaculate off herself, into the palm of her hand, before slapping the man in the face, whilst shouting "Try it yourself!"

An emerging favourite amongst the young women of today.
"This bastard came in my eye last night! I had cum all over my face!"

"Why didn't you Art Attack him?"
by Nui Nutticha Maungpo April 09, 2008

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