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an indian flavored tea filled with invigorating spices and herbs YUMMMY.
(It's really a sexual innuendo)

originated in dunkin donuts the indian man said its just like vanilla "hot chocolate" . boy did he lie ...yo he went in the back room and did his business came out with a cup of chai.
If you go into Dunkin Donuts STAY AWAY FROM THE CHAI!!

Yo that girl came outta the bathroom and had chai all over her face.

How you like your chai?

So do you swallow or spit the chai?

Got chai???

Nuggie gets chaied everynight.
by Nuggie Breathe December 14, 2004
a young phallus named Adem

this word originated when nuggie breathed in and out came a nuggie breathe.
Nuggie Breathe drove to Delaware and got a ticket and got in madddd trouble.
by Nuggie Breathe December 15, 2004

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