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3 definitions by Nuclear Panda

An erroneous spelling term of the word "the", usually utilized on online forums accidentally, or in order to sound special.
Yuo are teh win!
by Nuclear Panda October 20, 2003
26 20
Used on forums to show that a thread is about to become closed by a moderator or administrator. Usually followed by a +1 to show that the total number of locked threads has increased. The prefix "pre" can also be combined with other words to illustrate other occurances (eg. Preban +1)
Way to use obscene language. Prelock +1.
by Nuclear Panda November 22, 2003
1 2
Abbreviation for "Laughing Ass Majorly Away". A term coined by Fargin, a member of the America's Army R&R forum, to show a degree of funny much greater than just LMAO or LOL.
OMG! LAMA! Sentient Cheese's thread made me spit out coffee! I'm crying! I can't breathe! Somebody help me!
by Nuclear Panda October 20, 2003
15 53