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People always talk about how this town is filled with rich spolied bitches. But take it from me yeah we might have a bit more money and our parents do have big jobs but why do we have to be penilized for that. I know that growing up in greenwich and not feeling like your fitting in can be tough... but the truth is that you just feel that way. i know that i am always nice to everybody all the new kids, kids who dress diffrent, people who dont have as many friends ect. Im just a normal kid who is growing up with alot of advantages in my life but i really am just that same as everyone else. There has to be a reason why everyone wants to live here and why it has become so expensive right? well to me i think its because everyone is so friendly, nice, caring and most people care more about others than themselfs. We dont get into collages because our "daddy" pays them off we work our asses off! and if anything our parents push school work more than anything because they want to see us suceed just like anybody else in the world. Although alot of kids do drugs not everyone does adn anyone can accept that fact. Its not that impossible to be diffrent in this kind of lifesytle. all types of people are accepted here.Its time sterotyping us stops because its getting a little pathetic
hey, i met a girl from greenwich and i really like her!

well dude shes from greenwich... you know that it wont last

whats that soposed to mean shes a nice girl just like everyone else?
by Nothing!!!!!!! June 07, 2007

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