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1 definition by Not the boss

A group of workers coming together and demanding the right to collectively bargain with their employer (contract). Some like to think that unions are no longer relevant in this vibrant economy and that corporations are inherently good things that are good for workers. Yea? Well, rest assured that while you are trying to figure out how to pay that credit card bill this month that is slowly killing you, the boss does not have your problem. Oh yea, the work harder argument. Well, the folks that work the HARDEST in America earn the least. Unions are YOUR way out of having to ball lap your boss at work for a decent wage. You can make him negotiate a contract with you, you just have to join a UNION!
I am working my face off and I have not received a raise in about two fucking years. If I ask my boss for a raise he might laugh at me or worse. I guess I should talk to the rest of my miserable co-workers, join a union, and make this prick treat me with some dignity.
by Not the boss January 15, 2009