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St. Benedict school is a small Catholic school in the fan, where the kids that aren't mean are just stupid or slutty. Of course, the moronic sixth graders leave a skankiness gap from the elementary to middle school, going will-nilly when someone kisses someone else (on the cheek). Boys and girls alike share the same stupidity and ignorance, laughing when someone says "poop" and flirting with a tall red-haired white boy with an afro. When they aren't making out with him, they go for a more "slow", short blonde boy with creapy contacts and an "irresistable" habit of rolling up his sleeves and strutting around the playground. You may meet a few nice teachers there, but most are just liberals or decimal-loving communists, who never cease to bash Bush and the Crusades. The school would be better if kids would stop making out on the playground. And an assortment of angry, bitter people. Plus, Lucas is also gay.
Anonymous sixth grader: "There's a rumor going around that you and Adam are going out."
Lucas: "Yes!"
by Not telling you February 20, 2005

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