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1 definition by Not so ignorant

A country of hypcrites and pillow biters that thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread. They like to bash other countries (specifically America) about things they have no idea about. NO you were NOT the larget empire in history (*cough* roman) NO you were not behind evey major modern achievement (America is, dicovered how to harness electricity, the internet as we know it, aircraft, cars, the telephone, peanut butter, The light bulb, artificial heart, telegraph, sewing machine, liquid fueled rocket, traffic light, lie detector, bandaids, bulldozers I could go ON and ON)

Basically, the world would not be NEARLY as advanced as it is today without the "country of wanker's" inventions. You would all still be loading muskets, riding around in horse drawn wagons, and would only be able to travel by sea to other nations. Dont forget that without the internet *cough* also made by the U.S *cough* I could not be shutting all of you ignorant bastards down right now. OHHH yeah, and electricity, gee, what would the world be like if THomas edison didn't find out how to harness it?

Thats what I thought...
"Gee John, those american wankers sure are racist and ignorant, Britain is truly the most accepting and non-biased"

"I totally agree Mike, And how bout those fucking french, I can't stand them either,"

"Yeah, and those dutch...germans...Gee, we're the SAME Thing we preach against...."

by Not so ignorant May 20, 2006