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Will is, of course, in the vernacular, a dick. we've all heard about wee willies, and slick willies. this is just another version... Will is a shrimpy, mouthy bastard, held together by his own ego and the rare ideation or two... If he could actually think for himself, he still wouldn't come up with anything original, so he's happy to parrot the things he's been told and lust after a better life. He might be a kept man, or just a lonely wanna be. Either way, he's more hot air than reality. He had so much promise, but didn't live up to it, and now he just makes himself feel better by putting other people down. Will he? won't he? Oh, he wishes he could....

Will is the kind of guy who sits around in the bar talking smack about all the girls he's done when really he never had the balls to even ask one of them out.
Girl 1: hey are you still seeing that dude?
Girl 2: hell no, I'm so over Wills, I'm on to real men.

Girl 1: Was that a Will I saw you with last night?
Girl 2; Damn, do I look that hard up?
by Not on a Bet February 04, 2010
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