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Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada's most beautiful and eastern province. Labrador is accessible via Quebec or by ferry from Newfoundland and the only way into or out of Newfoundland is by boat or airplane. One of Canada's most beautiful tourist destinations.

Guess what? We aren't redneck fishermen. Most of us (I say most for a reason) don't have a thick accent or say eh all the time. The fishery is still alive. We aren't barbarians either. So what if seals are killed? They aren't clubbed and white coats aren't killed anyway. Have you ever ate meat? What about that steak you had last Sunday? Eating a poor little animal that once had a life? Hypocrites.
Let's go to Newfoundland, Canada's best and most beautiful province for our next vacation!
by Not a redneck June 25, 2007

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