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A l33t way of saying nude.
She was newd and hawt and sucked my fawking cawk. Gawd I wub sp34king l33t.
by not a jew July 25, 2003
To officially not be a damn Jew anymore because you're pissed at being Jewish
Fuck HP, they're a bunch of Jews. They make Jews look bad. I'm officially unJew!
by Not a Jew June 18, 2006
King kahuna
Im gay, so im gonna go suck a king kahuna.
by not a jew July 19, 2003
to kick ass (has many uses just as the word 'Fuck')
i frickin pwned ur face
i am teh pwn
dude.. this guy pwns
wat a pwn
by not a jew July 19, 2003
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