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1. Biological, nuclear, or chemical weapons designed to kill on a large scale
2. Things that the US own, but monitors everybody else's use of, because they have some deluded idea that only they can responsibly own them.
3. Also known as NEII (Not Existent In Iraq)
George W. Bush says we must invade Iraq because they had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and then passes resolutions authorizing the US to build more WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.
by Not Proud to be an American July 26, 2003
The practice of bombing or otherwise being destructive in an attempt to create fear among civilian populations. Forms of terrorism include hijacking aircraft, suicide bombing, and shock and awe.
Nouns - terrorist, suicide bomber, George W. Bush
by Not Proud to be an American May 09, 2003
An ideal state that can never be achieved as long as Bush and his warmonging cronies run the US. They start wars on the slightest provocation, while terrorism skyrockets and economic health plummets.
by Not Proud to be an American April 22, 2003
An evil organization devoted to, even in a land that's supposed to be ruled by freedom, giving ultimate power to one human being.
by Not Proud to be an American April 23, 2003
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