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This is NOT a rant about Abercrombie, so if you came to laugh at my immature commentary on ripped jeans, you came to the wrong place. However, I do have to admit I am dissapointed. Abercrombie used to be all about comfort and feminine casuality. It's been altered into it's own stereotype, and now I can't wear it without being called a prep.

Everyone who's ruined my "feminine-cute-semibohemian" image by calling me a prep, thanks a whole freakin' lot. But you're WRONG.

The reason I shop there is because some of their stuff is actually pretty cute, and believe it or not, sometimes UNDER 40 bucks. Hot Topic is not really that much more expensive considering one pair of black pants is 60.99 there and a t-shirt 29.99 depending on the size and design.

My point is that I love their jeans, and they are the only ones that fit my strangely long, thin, and odd shaped legs.
Person 1: Her sweatshirt says Abercrombie....what a freakin' prep.

Person 2: Stop being a bitch. Let her label herself. I am sure she likes the outfit for the outfit, not for the image it gives her.

by Not Preppy January 12, 2006

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