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A vague term used to equivocate George Bush (both of them) with the current economic status of the USA; A term usually applied in the pejorative sense, although if one asks the user what he/she means by the term he/she will generally give a vague response, such as "You know, how Bush messed up the economy. It's all his fault and the Republicans, too." A term used by idiots in an effort to sound trendy, intelligent and/or informed about politics and/or economics.
Idiot: That's Bushonomics right there! I would never buy a house in this economy.
Intelligent Person: But the price of houses has dropped so low that now is the perfect time to buy if you have good credit and some savings.
Idiot: Well, it's Bushonomics that my credit's all jacked up. It's all the Republicans' fault.
by Not A. Sheep October 24, 2008
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