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Similar in meaning to what the heck, what the hell, etc. Is most commonly used in a a state of puzzlement and awe.
What the Dickens? I could have sworn that the rickshaw was on fire when I left the the East Indian Trading Company!
by North Bend October 21, 2007
Healthy; you drink lots of water and are a clean person.
"Drink tell you pee clear kids!"
by North Bend October 22, 2007
Identical in meaning to What the Heck. Also related to What the Dickens, sounds like What the Hell but is more exaggerated.
What the Hole? Why are my pants in the dishwasher?
by North Bend October 21, 2007
A word that can be substituted for the word yeehaw, most commonly used on farms and in country hick clubs.
North Bend, ride it cowboy!
by North Bend October 21, 2007
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