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Australian idiom for an individual, usually considered to be social awkward, who will travel out of their natural environment because they have been pressed into being a normal person and go to a party. At said party, they will indulge in small amounts of alcohol and then proceed to act inebriated and moronic. This is usually followed up by the individual avoiding others until late hours in the morning when they will cry themselves to sleep.

Can be shortened to 'Magz-Fagz' or 'Mag-Fag'
Chris: "Hey what's Luke doing in the corner acting like a dickhead?"

Monika: "Hes just a 'Maggot Faggot', forget him and never invite him to anymore parties!"

Luke: "Ha...ha I'm so drunk.....I've had like two beers."

*Luke then proceeds to grab Monika's breasts*
by Normal Aussie December 19, 2009

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