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Someone who tries not to conform to mainstream media,music and fashion but ends up conforming with all of the other "non conformists". Although to a certain extent everyone is in fact a conformist, scene kids are ostrisized so heavily because the essence of what they are conforming to is unconformity unlike other types of conformists. For example,people that buy Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropastel, are conforming to the stereotypical "preppy" unlike scene kids who are conforming to the idea of unconformity. Scene kids in my opinion are a walking contradiction.
Stereotypically scene kids wear dark colors,tight jeans,makeup (including boys), have the same crazy disheveled edward scissor hands on crack hair cut, vans/crazy bitch stompn boots, anything out of the ordinary,(usually from hot topic) and etc.
by Nora Douglas November 04, 2006

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