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2 definitions by Noodle/Rachel3

Name for girls who are totally in love with Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.
"OMG! Ronniekins is so cute!"
by Noodle/Rachel3 June 22, 2004
10 4
A collections of ((extremely cool)) people who regularly 'bump' the PoA thread and GoF thread to help the Super Cool Guy TCH (TheClubHogwarts) to get 1 million posts. We have succeded getting 1 million for PoA, and are continuing on that tradition by (hopefully) getting 1 million for GoF.

Another name for Millionaires of GoF is GoFers. Which we go by.
Example: Millionaires = GoFers!
by Noodle/Rachel3 June 22, 2004
16 114