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4 definitions by None of ur buisness

A good clothing store that mainly middle and high school kids in the suburbs wear. Some wear it to fit in with the crowd, and others wear cause they like it. It isn't a prep store some preps just happen to shop there. I happen to shop there and I'm not a prep and I like it.
American Eagle is big in my middle school.
by None of ur buisness December 31, 2007
17 19
Got to go. Anyone who think's it's lazy is stupid.
g2g i have to eat dinner.
by None of ur buisness September 29, 2007
25 37
A loser with no life usually. If they have friends they're usually nerds too. They're usually smart and love to sit in front of the computer all day.
Nerds need to get lives.
by None of ur buisness December 16, 2007
7 28
telling someone to quit being a loser like quit sitting around all day doing D&D or WOW or someother loser thing
Person1:Would u like 2 join me in a rousing game of D&D?
Everyone who isnt a loser/geek/dork/nerd/etc.:Get A Life U Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by None of ur buisness January 06, 2008
34 135