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1 definition by Non-Fake Canadian Psycho

A website created by three admins that have been ousted from MaddoxMania for trying to keep the order and a fourth unknown person. While one admin has been pretty much overthrown for trying to keep things going well and the members not really catching on (Yellie), the other two (Jesus Christ and Zoghade) stepped down of their own free will because of the nature of the members at MM. As a result, TBFPITU was created as a place for people to go that have noticed the gradual degeneration of MM and wish to talk in a more organized, civilized, and less spammy atmosphere. Though small in number for members thus far, numbers are not the true sign of a forum; quality is.
Today, I checked The Best Fanpage in the Universe, and they had a new news article to keep me informed on maddox's recent activity with his website.
by Non-Fake Canadian Psycho January 20, 2005