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Often being mistaken for an ebonics
term, looka actually came from
the tropical island of Newfoundland, Canada. It actually stems from 'look at', but in the Northern Shores beyond
Conception Bay North, looka means 'shes a looker!'.
She's a looka! - North Shore way
Looka that! - Standard Newfoundland way
by Noel AKA HeyBye March 14, 2003
another name for a bitch, but used most effectively when you have a bitchy girlfriend that don't like being called a bitch. Tell her that this is the human version, not to be mistaken for 'bitch; female dog'.
Listen biznitch! Stop complaining!
I'll mow the lawn when my biznitch ass
is ready!
by Noel AKA HeyBye March 14, 2003
another mistaken for ebonics term that
means 'look' or 'looka -see looka'
Luh! there's bird poo on my cat!
Whattya at luh!
Looka third der luh!
by Noel AKA HeyBye March 14, 2003

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