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The school board's clever way to rob everyone of their individuality. The epitome of suckiness.
School uniforms suck because everyone has to dress the same. At my school, our clothing was our only way of self- expression, now they've taken that away from us. Matching clothes, natural hair color, no visible piercings. What's next?
by no use for a name July 29, 2005
Any electronic hobby or device or software that becomes you. One that steals your soul, and rapes you, without your knowlegde. Has rootes in the "rock" form of cocaine
The world is full or electronic crack. Online Porn is my electronic crack of choice.
by No use for a name August 01, 2005
1 The leading edge of an army the very front
2 The cutting edge of popular arts and culture
MTV used to be so avant gaurd. Now they are has beens. Go back to 24/7 videos.
by No use for a name August 01, 2005
Someone you creates electronic crack that is designed to warp the brain of the viewer into a certain way of seeing a subject. Also see propaganda
I hate film makers they are warping the minds of America.
by no use for a name August 01, 2005
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