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Quite literally cheese from under....Typically found on males... in the often difficult to clean area known as the taint. A build up that consists of a combination of dry dead skin, sweat, and possibly some dingle berries.
J: Hey Bobby you want come queso fromunda on that?
B: I dunno.....
J: Ahhhhh come on man....it will make that really tasty...
B: Ok....sure...
by No particular name August 14, 2006
A hybrid word.... a cross between the words sneeze and toot...., a sometimes embarassing mixture of two bodily functions....Typically the sneeze occurs first, but most of the time a fart is being held....at which point the sneeze causes the subject to lose his/her grip on the fart...embarassing for all involved....esp. the person who snoots....if it is audible...
J: Ohhhh God....I gotta sneeze....ahhchewwww(braaaapppppp)
J: What?
B: Nothing
J: What?
B: You just snooted....
by No particular name August 15, 2006

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