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A fag; coward; fake bully; turd; wank-me-off; wanksta. (Only bullies innocent people when 'it') Hangs around with nerdy, lame people; "wankstaz"; "backstreet boyz" and fucking girl groupie(s) that think 'it' is 'cute'. Tries too hard to be cool - ends up trippin' hard. More people hate/loathe 'it' than 'it' really thinks. Will eventually get beat up or head-shot in the future by the vengeful victims that 'it' fucked with and mind fucked in the past. Not a jock. Uses homosexual language and body language/contact. Becomes homophobic when gay haters are around. Generally someone who is a useless forlorn faggot that is accepted by 2 (or more) other fags of the same type and travel in little gay groups of 3 (or more) who riducule innocent straight people and gay haters until the day they are killed by them. "sujan sivan" is a new versatile term next to "fuck" to describe a (male)person who posseses all or most of the criterias above.
That sujan sivan was tryin' ta piss me off today with his little fag-ass backstreet boy gang. FUCKING LAME! Their parents musta had them as accidents. 'LORN PROBLEM CHILD!
by Nizonan Sivanantham May 17, 2004
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