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An Individual who partakes/is influenced and forever touched by the dark carnival and it's highly powerful message. Juggalos are envyed and hated by many as they can interact and love freely among one another with no question,even if one juggalo has just met another...Unlike many other "Normal" people act like with their friends,where they will bitch behind peoples backs and basicly just further de-evolve humanitys abillity to co-exist...Juggalos are highly misunderstood.And their love for one another grows unsurpassed!
Normal Guy: Juggalos all think they are axe murderers! they're fags! What kind of idiot goes about humiliating themselves like that?

Juggalo : haha.You'll never get it man.I pity you :)
by Nitrous X September 20, 2008
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