2 definitions by Nine TwenTwho Dohsev

In gaming when one person "pwns" or defeats an opponent quickly, often with a one-hit kill.
They are beaten "right off the bat"
lulz, u bAtpwned dat n00b /b/fore 'e pst da additional pylons.
level over 9000!!!!!!

U batpwned da n00b the matpwned da otra fucker!
by Nine TwenTwho Dohsev September 22, 2007
In a game or battle when one fighter defeats his opponent after a lengthy battle.
He finally "takes him to the mat"
U finlly matpwned dat fucking level 70 sage!

Tht standoff took forever! Then u got matpwned like a noofag!
by Nine TwenTwho Dohsev September 22, 2007

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