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A sexual fetish in where the male anals the female, and dickslaps the female square on in the middle of the forehead to give a red mark to resemble the ones indians have.
After the dickslap, it is usually followed by a blowjob.
John: Dude i took jaimie for a date, and we so did the indian takeout.
Mark: No WAAY!
by Nima/Tk/Jette/Sawyer November 26, 2008
A Mexican Burrito is when you are having anal sex and the chick shits on your dick, making your dick all shitty. You then give her a shit stache, literally.. you give her a mustache with the shit on your dick.
Santiago: "ay senor i just gave anita a mexican burrito!"

Perijo: "oy good job comrade!"
by Nima/Tk/Jette/Sawyer November 26, 2008
A red snapper is when a girl gives you a very very tight hangjob and your dick turns red, and your on the verge of cumming, and then she gives you a blowjob and you cum in her mouth almost instantly.
Tim: Dude I tried the red snapper last night with caroline and i blew it in her mouth :P

Jose: Niice dude :P
by Nima/Tk/Jette/Sawyer November 26, 2008

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