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A white women shagging a black man!
<man>I hate those Wog Sockets
<man1> I know, they should stick to their own colour
by Nik Canning August 09, 2003
A very well built, highly specced, clamshell business phone by Nokia.

It runs on the symbian series 60 OS, and has a wid range of features including a VGA resolution camera, video recording, PTT, POP3/IMAP support, large colour screen, and a very novel twisting / rotating clam.
''I'm thinking of getting a C500''

''Dude, get a 6260''
by Nik Canning March 11, 2005
A elastic piece of crap with a tinted plastic peak on, mainly worn by soccer moms at sporting events along with thier pristine white tracksuit and gleaming hyundai santa fe
God lucia has a red visor, they are so 2001
by Nik Canning November 20, 2003
There are two meanings for this word, the first is the name for a 90s pop group, featuring a lead singer with a faced like Nicholas Lyndhurst with Bell's Palsy.

The second is a luxury wank, featuring soft music, a nice meal and some wine. Hence the term, 'everything but the girl'

#1 Who sang 'Missing'? Everything but the girl

#2 Jesus, my bollocks are as full as a whore's snatch, time for an 'everything but the girl'
by Nik Canning October 29, 2005
One of the most stable handheld operating systems on the market, more emphasis on performance than colour, EPOC powered psions and other electronic devices for over eight years.
Palm and CE are not a patch on EPOC
by Nik Canning November 05, 2003
Secure Digital, probably the best solid-state memory cards money can buy, Faster and safer than XD, CF, Super CF, and MMC
I bought a 64 MB SD card for my Digi-Cam.........Dude excellent choice!
by Nik Canning August 17, 2003
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