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Someone that calls another person a "Blue Tick Wanker" because they are not as popular and successful like the one with the official account and cannot come up with a good punchline or comeback.
Girl 1: Why is he mad?
Girl 2: He is a Blue Tick Ass Wiper that is why
by Nightskai6 May 25, 2015
What destroys your computer's hard drive
Val: Hey Jacob, What are you up to?

Jacob:Trying to fix my computer

Val: What happened to it?

Jacob: I don't know

by Nightskai6 July 26, 2013
Also known as Jessica, A smoking hot goth girl that goes to IKE. She has that cute personality, with her long black hair fitting the way she looks. A smooth face (that I would touch but I would get slapped). The first girl to take my breath away and also the first girl that I would keep eye contact with (and NOT stare at her tits). Beautiful ocean eyes where I fall into a trance when I talk to her. Amy Lee look alike :')
Jinx the princess of all girls
by Nightskai6 August 26, 2014
The Best Black Guy in the world who......
1. Has a penis as big as a 10 story building
2. Has all the porn in the world (especially hentai)
3. Is the First Black Chuck Norris
4. Has a Marijuana Forest
5. Owns every hoe
6. made the world's biggest condom to turn into an air balloon
7. related to Big Bubba
8. made the biggest blunt in the world

9. smoked a blunt with Obama
10. developed a cure for pro state cancer
11. Made you read this definition (That's how awesome he is)
1. Girl #1: I so want Israel's largest dick in the world all the way in my mouth to come out of my ass

Girl #2: Good luck with that

2. I know Israel he has all the porn in the world!!

3. Chuck Norris: *Touches Israel* "You are going to be the next black Chuck Norris"

4. Israel: *starts a marijuana forest fire*
Smokey the bear: *jumps out* Yo my nigga, they don't call me Smokey for nothing.

Israel and Smokey the bear then get high and see unicorns

5. Damn Israel that badass nigga fucked every hoe inthe world even your mom

6. Israel: *Inflates a condom and flies away*

7. Israel: "I'm the new Big Bubba"

8. It only takes Israel to smoke a 15 story blunt

9. Obama: 'sup my nigga *is high*
Israel: *smokes a blunt with Obama*

10. Israel: Hey my niggas. My cure for prostate cancer makes your balls grow to 200 pound testicles

11. Well Israel..... Hell hes just awesome
by Nightskai6 June 09, 2013
A skank and cunt combined into one.
The kardashian sisters are skunts.
Kim davis is a major skunt.
Mother Teresa is a skunt.
Sarah Palin is a fucking skunt
by Nightskai6 May 29, 2016
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