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The most awesome genre of music out there in this world. Easy to described in just 2 words: fast and cute! o(^_^)o

Since there aren't any musicians who produce this genre, fans of nightcore are usually remixing their fav songs into the best genre ever! b(^_^)d

TRUE Nightcore - very fast beats and very positive (i.e. listening to it makes you feel happy) and of course high-pitched, good for dancing, exercising, doing housework and homework XD

Examples (look them up on youtube):
Nightcore - Kiss me
Nightcore - Ass up
Nightcore - You (Livin' In My Heart)
Nightcore - Solo Tu (Only you)
Nightcore - Stamp on the Ground
Nightcore - Dance is my Love
Nightcore - Keep on Moving
Nightcore - I'm so Lucky, Lucky
Nightcore - Time
Nightcore - Anime Libera
Nightcore - The Riddle
Nightcore - I'll fly with You (L'Amour Toujours)

Trance Nightcore - similar to nightcore, but slower, so may look like trance with high-pitch to some people.
Nightcore - Clear Blue Water
Nightcore - Time is Ticking (sometimes it's remixed more, so there's less trance in it and more nightcore)

And now a SURPRISE:
In Japan there is a band called Perfume, although they consider their songs to be "techno pop", it is quite close to the genre of "nightcore"!!! But most likely the term "nightcore" didn't make it yet to Japan, so go on youtube and take a look at these songs:
Perfume - Electro World
Perfume - Computer City
Perfume - Dream Fighter
Nightcore will take over the world!!!
by Nightcore_is_the_Future March 27, 2011
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