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2 definitions by Night Hawk

a clothing store. how simple is that? it's a bit pricy, but the stuff is good quailitly. there's no need to diss it because it's just clothes. everyone says a jacket it 400 dollars. cough cough. the most is about 200 and that when it's a parka with faux fur. if you wear it, great, be happy. if you don't, don't diss it. it's not your problem. people wearing gap don't get dissed, so why should people wearing abercrombie get dissed? of course, there are people who wear abercrombie just because it says it. then there are people who wear for the style, like me:)
scene 1:
Girl 1- i hate this shirt!!! i'm getting it anyway.
Girl 2- why??? that's so...not logical
Girl 1- because it says abercrombie!!

scene 2:
Girl 1- that's an awesome shirt. where did you get it?
Girl 2- abercrombie.
Girl 1- cool, but green isn't my color, maybe i'll get it in blue.
by Night Hawk January 31, 2007
most people think of nerds as people who are smart and keep to themselves. in my opinion, there aren't really "nerds". they are called nerds because other people are jealous of them. i hate the word nerd. people can be smart and be normal they don't have to be nerds persay.........and i don't like nonsense definitions put on this dictionary, like the defintion of was. instead of nerds, smart people should be called what they are, smart people who are just like that.
person 1- hey nerd. i heard you got all those a's down.
person 2- nerd...nerd? why are you calling me a nerd? at least i get a's and not f's!!

the person isn't a nerd, although it's better to get a's and not f's. duh.
by Night Hawk January 31, 2007