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Pretty much the terrorists in Chritianity.
Do I really need an example. Huhh. Okay look:

They are both radical assholes that ruin their religion. There aren't that many of them but still, the media makes it look like so. White people hate terrorists. Black people hate kkk members.
by NigggaPleese February 24, 2010
The site you go on when your supposed to be competing homework.

Damn It!! I gots sooo much homework. But i'm on facebook anyway.
Mom: Are you doing your homework son?

Son: Uhhh, yeah mom... almost done.

Facebook Message: Crap!!!! I have soo much hw for my 3 AP classes, 2 honors, and 2 IB classes today. Im never gonna finish. And its already 11:35.

Well, maybe you should get off Facebook and do your fucking homework, you dumbass!
by NigggaPleese February 24, 2010
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