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A primarily black neighborhood by choice because no one else would drive through the niggerhood let alone live there.
You're probably not that far from a niggerhood right now.
by Niggasaurus Rex October 07, 2007
A single weight bench strategically placed in the front yard or on the porch, surrounded by a handful of big swull niggers, a ghetto-ass sound system, and a gang of smaller niggers on the porch drinking 40s and slangin yayo. What a great fucking idea. Get crunk and huge while hustling niggers for cheeseburgers in your front yard. No rediculous gym fees. No commute. The downside - nigger gyms have resulted in untold numbers of white kids getting their fucking asses beat by niggasaurus rex's.
Ice Cube has a state of the art nigger gym in the movie Friday
by Niggasaurus Rex October 07, 2007
When someone asks for a bite of your food and instead take a niggasaurus rex size bite of your food leaving little or nothing left. See nigger sip.
Nigger hungry Wayne Brady tells Dave Chapelle to give him Dave's sandwich and proceeds to take a nigger bite out of it leaving Chapelle in tears.
by Niggasaurus Rex October 07, 2007
A ticket or citation issued to a black man for being in a white neighborhood or area.
Black people are constantly issued nigger tickets for driving through the suburbs. Get tinted windows.
by Niggasaurus Rex October 07, 2007
A person who acts like a Jew by coveting money, liquor, and/or drugs. There's at least one in every group of friends.
The covetous jew that is more than happy to drink a few rounds on your ass, but would never offer to buy a round for anyone and tips like a Jew.
by Niggasaurus Rex October 07, 2007

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