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A person who is inlove with the Theatrical Arts.
You know...plays and stuff.
Will most-likely be taking Theatre &/or Publishing in University. And is most-likely intelligent.

Most Drama Nerds are caught wearing Sceneor Indie type clothes.
But the choice in style DOSE vary. (very much)

Some are friendly and outgoing, some keep to themselves and some just have certain people that they talk to.(most-likely other drama nerds)

Drama Nerds are actually very intressting.
{Scene: during a presentation promoting a University}
{Mike & Nicksy(the drama nerd)}
Mike: Psst. hey Nicksy...
Nicksy: (looking forward attentively) What mike...
Mike: What courses are you going to take?
Nicksy: (without hesitation) Theatre and Publishing...you?
Mike: Oh uh...yeah I might take those too. I'm SO into Drama.
{Mike dosen't know a thing about Drama, infact hates plays to death. He's just madly inlove with Nicksy}
Nicksy: Really? Seeing that you love Drama so much where were you at the Spring musical auditions today? I know it was the only thing going on during lunch, and I made sure to get the P.A. kid to announce it all week.
Mike: Uhh...errm. You see..uh.
Nicksy: You also didn't sign-up for the free tour of that major Art school downtown. Wats up with that?
Mike: Uhh. (turns away and stops talking feeling like a complete idiot)
(Nicksy the drama nerd acknowledges his tardness and smiles to herself)
{End of Scene}

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