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A small and mischevious fairy who will come visit you when you are drinking alcohol. Watch out...if she pokes you, you instantly become drunk. She will often do this without your knowledge. One minute you will be sober, then she will poke you and it's all over. She has also been known to get rough and do a little more than poke...not a good thing!

Claiming to have been poked (or worse) by the drunk fairy is a way for drunkards to blame someone other than themself for their getting sloshed.
David: "Did you see John last night? He was acting goofy and talking gibberish...he could hardly stand up. He must have been poked by the drunk fairy!"

Bob: "Poked?!? Nah...did you see him? He was WASTED. She must have punched him...probably kicked him in the nuts too!"
by Nicodemus 27 March 14, 2007

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