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2 definitions by Nicky Ashley

blonde + wannabe

1.A fake blonde. Some one who dyed their hair blonde to seem more attractive or cooler

2. Someone who wishes they were a blonde because they think it makes them cooler or prettier.
Lindsay Lohan

N~ "Omg did you see Annie's hair!!!?!?! She went from just highlights to full on blonde!"
L~ "She is such a blondabe"

G~ "Omg!!! The shampoo that was supposed to make my hair blonde didn't work!!! OMG! *cry*"
L~ " Shut up, blondabe!"
by Nicky Ashley February 13, 2011
A term used to avoid unpleasant situations while still managing to sound polite and slightly interested.
Jack O'Fonher:"Want to come to the movies with me? I'll even take you to dinner!"
Handa Mia: "Um.... I'm busy. Maybe next weekend"

Pamela Handerson: "You were great. Are you sure you don't want to spend the night?"
Mike Hawk: "Maybe next weekend"
by Nicky Ashley February 13, 2011