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Used at the end of a sentence to end it abruptly. Ends conversations, arguements, interupts people, express hate for ones self, to say goodbye, and used wherever is felt neccasary.
Example 1:
David-"hey come to my house right now"
Nick-"alright bye!"

Example 2:
Nick-"no thats my hotpocket"
David-"no its mine nigga!"
Nick-"Alright bye!"
David-"I hate me"

Nick-"Hey lets-"
David-"Alright bye"
Nick-"go to the-"
Nick-"i hate me"
David-"alright bye"
by Nicking and Daviddisaster April 01, 2007
Very difficult game for NES(Nintendo entertainment system) That i beat and it was good and i hate myself
I fuckin beat Adventure Island, so SUCK DICK
by Nicking and Daviddisaster April 01, 2007
Said when you ejaculate, when you complete an activity or achievement, ending a conversation for them rudely, to end a stupid conversation, or whenever is felt to be said.
Example 1:
John-"Did you know that that starbucks is open all night??"
Nick-"no its not john"
John-"yes it is"
Nick-"Done john, your done shutup"
John-"i hate me"

Example 2:
Nick humping david
Nick-" uhh uhh DONE!!! i finishedon yo face!"

Example 3:
Nick beats adventure island
Nick-"DONE! beat the game!"
by Nicking and Daviddisaster April 01, 2007
To play a video game excessively without stoping. 5-6 hours or more is a sign of massing games. I invented this but i also invented SAND before any of these people on this site
Nick-"Dude i played warcraft for like 10 hours today"
David-"You mass game warcraft"
Nick-"shutup david what level are you, 22? not even good!"
David-"I hate me"
David-"SAND nigga"
by Nicking and Daviddisaster April 01, 2007

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