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When a man sticks one or more fingers up a woman's vagina and moves it up and down(best used with lubrication) for sexual pleasure.
Last night was the best time i had in my life, Josh was fingering me furiously. We both lied on the bed and he started fingering me by squirting KY(lubricant) all over his hands and my pussy, then he stuffed his fingers in and moved it up and down furiously and he got my cum all over his fingers.
by NickRock May 17, 2005
When a man sticks his penis up a womans butthole and moves it up and down during sex for sexual pleasure.
Josh and i wanted to have sex last night, but he ran out of condoms and i didn't want to get pregnant, so we we had anal sex and he fingered me.
by NickRock May 18, 2005

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