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Referring to someone acting unusual or weird. Also Fruit Tart... Usually said to friends acting different then what they normally would.
"What a Fruit Cake","Shut-Up you fruit cake"
by Nick Wagner February 05, 2008
Referring to a chubby or fat person. Normally said as if it were a sentence itself...
(In The Middle of Math Class While Noticing A Fatty)

-Yo dude check out the size of that girl.

-Holy shit! Quiet, Quiet...

by Nick Wagner February 05, 2008
A word who's meaning is similar to that of the words; fruit tart,fruit cake.

1 - A person acting irresponsibly or awkwardly.

2 - A fool.

3 - A pervert or harasser; someone who harasses people sexually or in another way.

*Commonly said among friends*
1 - You're such a drink.

2 - You actually think that drink is gonna steal that car?

3 - Don't touch me you drink.
by Nick Wagner February 05, 2008
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