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One of the best places to live on earth, but the old rich summer people that live here for 2 months (july & august) ruin the beach nights for the locals by calling the police on bonfires and such. The local youths that tough out the long hard winters (while the rich old farts go to their homes in florida) love to drink and have fun in the summer, and will never stop for any tourists!
Johnny Local: "Hey dude pretty awsome night on Cape Cod huh?"
Sammy Livehere: "Ya man wicked, you can see bonfires all the way down to P-Town. I just hope Old Man Rivers dosnt call the cops on us again"
Johnny Local: I know that guy's a dick, these are our beaches too!
Sammy Livehere: I know man! lets pound some beers and enjoy the night on this awsome awsome place to live
by Nick Rob September 28, 2005

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