3 definitions by Nick P-dizzle

1) March through January

2) Every month but February

3) The opposite of Black history month
1) April

2) "sorry, I can't this year. I'm celebrating White history month."
by Nick P-dizzle August 08, 2007
A violent form of male masturbation.
Steve- "hey man, what the hell were you doing in the shower?"

Tim- "I was just slapping the skinhead."
by Nick P-dizzle August 08, 2007
The action of removing one's penis from a woman in the middle of doggie-style anal sex and flicking it in a way so that her waste falls in specs on her back.
"Yo, I was hanging out with my bitch last night and I heard thunder outside so I thought it appropriate to give her some chocolate rain."
by Nick P-dizzle August 08, 2007

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