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When you are tripping on a hallucinogenic drug, and you are tripping so hard that you can't comprehend anything, memories are flashing before your eyes(kinda like your life flashes before your eyes), the walls seem like they are caving in on you, everything is scary as fuck, when people talk to you you cant hear them cause the caving walls are too loud, you can't comprehend what breathing is, what does drinking liquid do, you go fucking insane, you think you might be dying or already dead, your veins are pulsating all over, you think crazy things like that you can walk through walls and you control everything cause the world is all made up in your head, and other crazy shit. I know this cause all that shit happened to me after i took some acid and smoked. That my friend is tripping balls. If its not, I don't know what is.
"Yeah and he was tripping balls of all that acid."
by Nick P M April 24, 2008

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