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Shorthand for the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which predicts the Heat Death of the Universe. Used as shorthand for an acknowledgement of existential futility.
Why are you a foule vegitarian? 2nd Law and all that!
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
Usually used in plural.

Vulgar slang for disabled lavatory, a portmanteau of spastic and bog - the latter, in turn, metonymic slang for toilet. The privacy and seclusion such facilities offer make them popular locations for masturbation.
I'm just popping off to the spazbogs for a.. tacit.
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
The literal and spiritual condition of the modern office-working serf. The atomistic tedium of their occupation is sometimes balanced by an attempt at ersatz social interaction through eclectic Internet mailing lists.
deskbound cnuts of the world sneer yawnfully into your cup-o-soup.
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
An abbreviation - some would claim acronymn - for "is not as good as it used to be", sometimes shortened to nagaiutb.

A universal condition which is paradoxically consistently true, even at the moment of its subject's creation.
BEMLi inagaiutb
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
See dubrdibe. Now the more common useage.
See dubrdibe
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
From "subscribe" and sharing its definition. Originally derived from an unintentional typographical error on some deskbound cnut wishing to "un-dubdribe" from BEMLi
How do I un-dubdribe from your mailing list?
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
Acronym expanded to the Brass Eye Mailing List Industrie (SA). Also known as the Brasslist (obs). A mailing list for opinionated deskbound cnuts whose origin was in discussing and promoting the Brass Eye satirical television series created by the comedian Christopher Morris.
BEMLi inagaiutb, as ever.
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003

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