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adjective. The person sat puzzling (Not knowing whats going on.)
The lady sat in the corner puzzling. She was completely puzzled. It was too funny
by Nick Greetham (GFunkRizzla187) August 20, 2011
Used to describe a person who does not know what is going on. This person is a confused person who is lost and just cannot make sense of whats going on.


You are puzzling ( To tell someone they are confused)
Nick : J you are such a puzzla
J : Bru you are puzzling
by Nick Greetham (GFunkRizzla187) August 20, 2011
A Drug used by people of South Africa.

This drug is ARV's (Anti-Retro Virals) which have been crushed up into a fine powder. Then becomes "wunga dust"
People smoke this with marijuana or by itself.
It eats your insides and gives you the runs constant untill you smoke it again.
Man puts wunga with his joint
by Nick Greetham (GFunkRizzla187) August 20, 2011
Can be used in a few different terms.
1) Greeting to your friends . Awww Beez
2) You upset cuz you messed something up. You shout "awww Beez"

You can also say. Up In Your Beezniss. Meaning up in your face
For Awww Beez

Deon : Awww Killa Beez
Nick : Awww D Killa Beez

It is a greeting
by Nick Greetham (GFunkRizzla187) August 20, 2011
South African Term for E (Ecstacy)
Nick :Ey watsup Ryaan you got my plucks?
Ryaan : You know i got the plucks hooked up
by Nick Greetham (GFunkRizzla187) August 20, 2011
To do something on a mass scale. To do it greatly or too much.
J: Ryaan, bro you are uber puzzling
by Nick Greetham (GFunkRizzla187) August 20, 2011

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