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Gangsta rap is the worst kind of rap. It condones violence, drugs, sex, and often talks about being pimp and getting hoes. It's causing the deterioration of our society, and is frowned upon by many except for the impressionable kids who will listen to any garbage on the rap radio stations.
The most hilarious and ironic part is that the gangsta rappers are neither gangsta nor rappers, and are watching their music videos on MTV while sitting on a huge couch looking at a 60" plasma T.V.
cRap Lover: Yo man fo shizzle did ya'll hear dat new song by Fiddy Cent? He be like "Yo man I be selling crack on da streetz".

Normal Person: English please. Your gangsta rap is causing our society to plunge and is endlessly terrible. Go listen to some real music.

cRap Lover: wut's dat? Fo shizzle I nevur be hearing of dat musics. Yo dawg, you hear dat new Soulja Boy song where he be pimpin' up in hurr?

Normal Person: ...
by Nick Gavalas November 02, 2007
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